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Feb 01

I found these necklaces all over etsy and pinterest! They are called Peter Pan Collar Necklaces, and are easy to make and very popular right now. This specific tutorial will be teaching you how to make the last one, or the simplest one. I found that one here. Here is how to make it!

You will need:

• Chain (this necklace uses three different kinds, you don’t have to.
• a large jump ring
• 2 medium jump rings
• 2 small jump rings
• clasp

How to make:

1. Cut and measure your chains. In this necklace, there are three types of chains so I will call then chain 1, 2, and 3. You can have them the same type if you would like.
•There should be two pieces of 2 inch chains. They an be any type.

• Next is the top layer. There will be two chains for the top layer. This has chain 1. Use this formula:

The length of the necklace - 4 inches / 2.

That is the length of either chain. So if I wanted a 18 inch necklace, I would cut two pieces of 7 inch chain 1s.
• For the next layer, this is where it gets a bit tricky. Depending on your chains and other details, you will have to figure out what length you want them to dangle. I’d say start by adding an inch or two more than chain 1 and seeing how it looks. You just have to make sure the two pieces are equal.
Going back to my example, if I had two pieces of chain 1 that were 7, I would try seeing how 8 inches looks with chain 2. You can lay out the chains to see. If I liked it, I would cut two pieces of 8 inch chain 2s.
• Do this again with chain 3. Add an inch or two to chain 2s length.
If I had 8 inches of chain 2, I might try 9 inches of chain three. If I like that, I would cut 2 pieces of 9 inch chain 3s.

2. The hardest part is cutting the chains. Now comes the easy part! Open your large jump ring and add the following in this order: one of the two sets of chains 1, 2, 3, and then the other set of chains 3, 2, 1. Close the jump ring.

3. You can probably see how this is going to lay out now. Take a medium jump ring and attach one set of chains 3, 2, 1, and one of your short 2 inch chains. Close the jump ring.

4. Do this to the other side.

5. Use your small jump rings to attach the clasp to the loose ends of the 2 inch chains.

You are done! You will get better at measuring the chains. As you do, you can try some variations like the ones I have included pictures of!

The necklace in picture 1 has a few strands of beads instead of chain 2.

Picture 2 has a connector instead of a large jump ring in the middle.

In picture 3 thee is only a chain 1 and 3, and has a bead charm dangling from the jump ring.

The fourth picture has only chains.

The fifth picture has a bead link chain instead of a chain 3.

Thank you for reading! Hope this inspires some great pieces!

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